Telelink - Journey Management Specialists

What is Journey Management?

Simply put, it is a safety system delivered by a live team of experts to companies in the energy, logistics and transportation sectors.

Using customized purpose written software, our team ensures the safety of your employees as they travel to and from work sites or while travelling on any work related activities. The real value of this service is when the “what if?” happens. A recent example:

A driver was en route to a work site in Alberta when he experienced severe chest pain. He contacted our journey management team, who were watching and responsible for his safety, and spoke to an agent. Our Journey Management Operator immediately contacted emergency personnel in that location and advised them of the situation and the driver’s exact location using the GPS tracking system which is deployed in all company vehicles and visible to us as part of our delivery of their Journey Management system across Canada and the US. Our agent then stayed on the line with the driver to ensure that he was conscious and calm, while managing the emergency response effort we were able to expedite the response.

That driver admittedly, likely owed his life to his company’s dedication to safety and implementation of a Journey Management system with Telelink.

Wouldn’t you want to be ready for any similar event with your team?!